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Frequencies are the

Basis of our life

Everything (humans, animals, plants) vibrates.
If the organism is burdened by negative vibrations,
the immune system is weakened and malfunctions can occur.

Each organism (humans and animals) consists of billions of oscillations, which combine to form a total vibration and are called "human aura". Each cell and every organ in the body has a certain fundamental vibration, which summed up gives an important statement about the general state of health.

As these vibrations depend, among other things, on the Earth's magnetic field, our environment (sleeping, living and working area) should be preserved as well as possible in its original condition. However, this is hardly possible in most cases, since interfering zones (for example natural earth rays / water veins or artificially generated electromagnetic fields such as electrosmog, cell phone and WLAN radiation) negatively influence the natural geomagnetic field in our environment.

If it's possible to protect the organism from these disturbing zones, the exchange of information between human and terrestrial magnetic field, which is important for health, can function properly and an intact (original) geomagnetic field is created.

Unfortunately, the perception of vibrations is limited for humans, so many vibrations (good and bad) can not be perceived. But that does not mean that these vibrations do not affect the organism. On the contrary, often negative vibrations, which have a permanent effect on the human being, are not recognised until a serious illness has already occurred.

Through years of experience and a complex process, experts have succeeded in permanently charging Geonado products with the positive frequencies for the organism.
The human organism absorbs the healthy vibration of Geonado products and can thus be protected by the surrounding fault zones.

Geonado Schwingungen Frequenzen
positiven Frequenzen

Magnetic fields and their

Impact on humans

In addition to the field of terrestrial magnetism, humans who live in a natural environment also have their own individual biomagnetism. The fields that we can perceive through the power sources of our planet have always surrounded us.

Today we know that the healing powers of power sources were known thousands of years ago. These effects were used for healing and pain relief well before their discovery in Europe. Biomagnetism, for example, represents a significant branch in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In the meantime, orthodox medicine is also working through the action of magnets in the course of magnetic field therapy. In 1994, the "National Institute for Health" in the USA created the new term "biofield" and "biomagnetism".

The research of the biofield deals with barely perceptible energies of magnetic fields inherent in the human organism. One component of this energy system is the chakras.

This energy invigorates the human body and keeps it fresher and more alive. A well-balanced, harmonious biofield is instrumental in making us feel vital and healthy. Without the function of the chakras, our energy balance in the individual body regions would be disturbed. If the biofield is out of balance, we experience fatigue and in the worst case scenario illness are the result. It quickly becomes clear how much influence the magnetic biofields have on our health.

The disruption of our harmonic biofield due to natural disturbance zones (such as water veins) or the current technology (electrosmog, smartphone, WLAN, etc.) can lead to severe impairment of physical processes and thus of our well-being. But also stress, anger, emotions, fears and worries are expressed in the biomagnetic field, which can negatively influence the sensitive magnetic field of the body.

 Störung des harmonischen Biofeldes
Geonado Energie Chip


Quantum physics has been dealing with "frequency technology" and its effect on the organism for many years. But also in alternative medicine and now also partly in conventional medicine is working with vibration frequencies.

Geonado's experts have been researching this frequency technology for years, so that they can permanently provide vibrations that can improve people's well-being and health, thus creating a healthy environment for the organism.

Patented Geonado Energy Chip
The "carrier medium" is the patented Geonado energy chip, which is integrated in all Geonado products. This energy chip is informed by biophysical methods and a special procedure and can PERMANENTly store this oscillation frequency that has been fed to it. Thus, the organism can absorb this "positive" vibration for itself, the immune system is thereby strengthened and largely protected from fault zones.

These Geonado-positive and organism-positive frequencies are a collection of over 100 power sources analyzed and processed by Mr. Wiebecke (a passionate explorer and vibration technology luminary) for decades. This collection of vibration frequencies is unique in the world and the great asset of Geonado!

Our products undergo constant quality controls, are constantly being technically and physically tested and further developed for their effect. The production and refinement takes place in Austria in order to achieve the highest quality criteria and also to make a social contribution.


This is how the Geonado products work

As already described, the Geonado experts succeeded in charging Geonado products with the frequency that is positive for humans and animals in a complex process. The organism absorbs this provided healthy vibration and disturbance zones are therefore more compatible (according to studies / measurements and countless reports).

The energy wave was constructed in a very special way. The inventor, Mr. Wiebecke, has succeeded in producing a positive and natural vibration for the organism. The energy wave acts like a resonator. The effect spreads dome-shaped down and also penetrates ceilings and walls to protect against interference zones.

A special effect of this protection is provided by the special shape of the wave (oscillation) in combination with the informed and Geonado patented energy chip.

In this way it can contribute to a significant improvement of the room energy (according to GDV measurement by Dipl. Ing. Lutz Rabe). Research tests have shown that the energy wave has positive effects on the nervous system, immune system, organ systems, stress reactions, sleep and general well-being.

A double-blind study by scientists in Houston (USA) has shown that the use of magnets improves blood circulation. As a result, the body cells are supplied with more oxygen, strengthened immune system and increases the overall vitality. All these effects are attributed to the effect of magnetics, it does not only contribute to an improved general condition, but also activates nutrient supply and healing processes. (Can access and read Dr. Dahlke's - "DISTORTIONS AND FOGS" - 2013 / Crotona Verlag)

Please note:
All disturbance zones and negative vibrations for the organism are not removed by the Geonado products, however, the body orients itself to the strongest vibration in its environment. Thus, the organism can adapt to the positive oscillation of the Geonado products, e.g. adjust the energy wave or energy sole and negative interference zones become more compatible according to studies / measurements and experience reports.

Research Reports / Studies

Mr. Wiebecke (meticulous researcher, inventor of the energy wave and founder of Geonado) has always been very keen to scientifically prove the effects of his products that have been researched by him and countless reports of satisfied customers.

He has spared no expense and effort in many studies and measurements carried out (including as very meaningfully "double-blind studies"), which are even "peer-reviewed" and published in prestigious journals, which not only ensures the quality of these studies, but also emphasizes the outstanding importance.

Here is a small example of the most important studies, measurement reports, opinions and experiences

Eine Messung unter starker E-SMOG Belastung ergab, dass der Chip von der ENERGIE-WELLE die Vitalität der gemessenen Zellen signifikant verbessert und die Strahlung teilweise kompensiert.


Zellbiologische Messungen ergaben, dass der Geonado Energie-Chip wie ein Energie-Booster auf zellulärer Ebene wirkt, die Regenerationszeit verkürzt und die Zellvitalität verbessert.


Biomedical detection of effects of geopathic disturbance zones on the human organism and evidence of the possibility of harmonisation with the energy wave.


Influence of geopathic disturbance zones on the autonomic nervous system.
Investigated by an interdisciplinary research group based on
EFC measurements


Where does science start, where do conjectures end?
We all know that there is more than science that can prove at the this precise moment.


In an energy household measurement with the Geonado energy sole, an average improvement of 89% of the energy household was found in the measured subjects.


Wirkung Hologramm bei Mobiltelefonen


Dunkelfeld Blutanalyse


Cattle study
Shows that just after a few weeks there was a clear improvement in milk quality. The animals became calmer in the barn and their milk yield improved.


Energy balance measurement
in people in fault zones.


Examples from "Holistic
Therapy Methods "
by Rüdiger Dahlke


Example from the letter to the editor by geobiologist Fritz Simgen about the effect of the Geonado energy wave. "Is there really a functioning geopathogenic harmonization or neutralization?"


GDV measurements

(Gas Discharge Visualisation - electrical fine discharges)
Dipl. Ing. Lutz Rabe

In several GDV measurements on the Geonado energy wave, the energy cushion, the energy sole and the energy band, the following results were achieved:

wissenschaftlich bewiesen
All of Geonado's products measured here have a similar positive effect and it could
an energy increase in the measured subjects
Stabilisation of mental and emotional power reserves
while reducing the level of stress
Stabilisation of the regulation index at a normal level
Promotion of performance, goal orientation and ability to concentrate
high energy level and high balance of the energy field (are conducive to eventual recovery processes).
The influence of the energy wave on the area range is clearly detectable with the following effect:
Increasing the energy level in the room / house
Improvement of the energetic indoor climate by increased occurrence of free electrons (negative charge carriers, which play an important role in the transmission of energy in life processes)
Reduction of the entropy of light is the result of improved harmony of energy

For detailed information on these GDV measurements
(and all other measurements and studies)
we are happy to assist you at

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Furthermore, we would like to inform you that the products presented here are purely energetic and not medical products. They have not yet been proven by scientific studies based on the "gold standard". Of course, we are convinced of our products and advertise them with full conviction. Therefore, our website is aimed at customers who are open to wellness products and who are aware of the fact that general wellbeing is an area that cannot always be scientifically and conventionally covered. All statements about these products must be understood against this background."

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