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Geonado experts have years of experience in the research, measurement and analysis of geophysical and energetic fault zones.

With the inventor of the "wave of origin" Adolf Wiebecke, on which all scientific evidence is based, Geonado sets itself the goal to increase the quality of life of humans, animals and plants and to protect them from disturbing influences.

Geonado cooperates with experienced experts and renowned scientists and physicians from all over the world.

Research as a standing order
Stay curious and never be satisfied with the achievements! Exactly in this sense, the discoverer of the energy wave and meticulous researcher Adolf Wiebecke has shifted after improvements and new application areas his main focus on research & development.

New management
2017 saw the start of a new era at Geonado with the two new managing directors and owners Tobias Schiegl and Christian Allinger. The two young entrepreneurs set themselves the goal of sustainably continuing the life work of Mr. Wiebecke with great commitment and thus making a contribution to the health and well-being of humanity.

In addition to the high quality standards (Made in Austria) and ongoing innovations, Geonado's focus is clearly on customers and increasing the wellbeing of people, animals and plants.

Because Geonado is both a research center and a product supplier, we are in close contact with our customers and are constantly incorporating this feedback into new product developments and innovative solutions.

This enables us to offer products that, through their effect on humans and animals, can sustainably support health and well-being.

We refer to scientific studies (for example, double blind & peer reviews), various publications and countless reports from satisfied customers.

Tobias Schiegl
Christian Allinger, MBA
Adolf Wiebecke

MANAGING DIRECTOR As a former professional athlete, I have been working on the energetic support of my body for 25 years, to improve both my performance and my well-being.

Mr. Wiebecke was always at my side and helped me with his brilliant products to obtain many victories and beautiful moments. Therefore, it is an honor for me to continue his life's work and continually improve the products to increase health and enhance the well-being of humanity.

Allinger, MBA

MANAGING DIRECTOR As a merchant and marketing expert, I have over 20 years of experience in developing a business and running it economically and sustainably.

For several years, I have been increasingly concerned with my health and quality of life. For me this needs several components in my opinion. Healthy food made from high quality food, exercise in nature, training the the mind and the best possible protection against harmful influences and fault zones. I would like to make this protection against external influences available to as many people as possible with my work at Geonado.

  • Discoverer of the Source Wave on which all scientific evidence is based
  • Radiesthesist and leading figure with decades of experience
  • A passionate researcher
  • Collector of positive vibrations (substances / quartz / waters) from worldwide sources of power

For me, research means "staying curious, going through the world with open-minded senses and never being satisfied with the achievements". This has always been my motto and my meticulous research is constantly looking for improvements and new areas of application to improve the well-being of humans and animals.








That and many others are exactly the questions that have occupied us for decades and why we are intensively researching. 

As the Portuguese name "GEO" says, "NADO" - the "power coming out of the earth" is literally associated with one of the many sources of power on this earth. 

Power sources are places that are characterised by a special effect on humans. This power is harnessed by Geonado and provides a special sense of well-being (as if you had visited such a power source).

Old knowledge for the present and future rediscovered!
What was a myth for a long time is knowledge today:

There are places that differ from others by their special power. That is also the reason why they have served for ritual gatherings since early times.

With today's methods, it is now generally possible to prove what was once accessible to only a few initiates. In many years of empirical research Geonado has followed the forces that prevail in these places. The gained insights into such sources of energy from the earth has formed the basis for the special effect that distinguishes Geonado products.

Geonado even succeeds in positively enhancing the energy that everyone carries. With the patented Geonado Energy Chip it is possible to offer the effect they emanate in all products. In this way, the extra energy that Geonado creates is always experienced where it matters most. And it can demonstrably promote well-being and health (as countless reports and measurements prove).

We as Geonado have one overall goal:


We cooperate with experienced experts and renowned scientists and physicians from all over the world and let their feedback be incorporated into the product innovations.


In the beginning it was a piece of colourful aluminum ...
In 1997, the first energy wave was installed as a design element in the Unfallkrankenhaus Salzburg in the course of a new aluminum ceiling by Adolf Wiebecke. The first indications of possible effects of the energy wave came in the course of the reporting of the ORF over the new design of the hospital rooms from the discussions with patients: they felt in this room "as if they were on vacation"! 

Mr. Wiebecke then began to investigate where this extraordinary effect might come from and found that existing rice zones, which were also radiesthetically detectable, then were counterbalanced by this energy wave and therefore made the people in the room feel noticeably more comfortable.

 To further explore this phenomenon, large-scale tests and studies were conducted with doctors, experts and university institutes, all of which came to the same conclusion: The first-generation energy wave was working.

To further enhance the sustainable impact, Mr. Wiebecke further optimised the application experience of the first phase and equipped the energy wave with magnets and bioresonance information. The research and used tests have brought improved results, both in impact and in sustainability. Thus, after a short time, an improved second generation of the energy wave was brought to market by Mr. Wiebecke.

The discoverer and developer of the wave, Adolf Wiebecke, was withdrawn after some time from the first company to go even further with a new company and its patent in the development. That was ultimately the start of GEONADO.

All patents and protective rights of the energy wave, as well as the "wave of origin" are still owned by Adolf Wiebecke of Geonado.

The transition to the currently 3rd generation of the energy wave also falls into this phase: The energy chip was developed and patented by Geonado (Patent No. AT507969B1).

Informed energy chip
Silicon, the second most abundant element on earth, is a semi-metal that is well suited to react to properties in a wide variety of material conditions. This circumstance can be used to transfer effects of other elements, molecules or compounds on silicon. We call that "informing".

With an elaborate process that has been researched for years, the Geonado energy chip can transfer the informed / positive vibration to the organism and protect it from damaging influences or at least significantly influence them. The results are amazing! 

Since this innovative leap in quality, Geonado is only offering the 3rd generation energy wave, which is equipped with two energy chips. The efficiency could be significantly optimised. The patented Geonado energy chips are also the basis for all further product developments of Geonado GmbH and the heart and the key to the countless successes and effects.

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Furthermore, we would like to inform you that the products presented here are purely energetic and not medical products. They have not yet been proven by scientific studies based on the "gold standard". Of course, we are convinced of our products and advertise them with full conviction. Therefore, our website is aimed at customers who are open to wellness products and who are aware of the fact that general wellbeing is an area that cannot always be scientifically and conventionally covered. All statements about these products must be understood against this background."

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