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Genardo Hologramm

Harmonization hologram

For a more compatible use of smartphone, tablet, notebook, WLAN, Bluetooth devices, babyphone, ect.
Nowadays in the world of digitization, these permanent companions are no longer indispensable to everyday life. Whether for professional reasons, during leisure time or even at night while sleeping. But this high-frequency electromagnetic stress can lead to stressful reactions of our bodies and thereby impair our health. The Geonado harmonization hologram interacts with these fields and can alleviate the incriminating effect on humans.



For your life quality

life quality
*Lt. Studies / measurements and countless experience reports

This is how the Geonado hologram works

Wirkung Hologram

The positive effect of the Geonado Harmonization Hologram on humans was investigated and detected with a dark blood analysis.

It is unquestionable that radio-frequency electromagnetic fields in the frequency range of over 2,000 megahertz (MHz) are now emerging from mobile phones. The fact that this strain can be permanently damaging to the organism has already been demonstrated by many scientists and studies. High-frequency radiation is unfortunately not felt, but can be very stressful for the organism.

Genardo Hologramm


An Italian court has now for the first time blamed the permanent use of a smartphone for a brain tumor.

The use of mobile phones and WLAN can hardly be avoided however nowadays. Thus it is in there responsibility to protect and mitigate the dangers for themselves and their family in the best possible way, we recommend the Geonado Harmonization Hologram!

Hologram for daily use

Geonado Hologramm

Glue it on the back of the device.
The Geonado harmonization hologram is not only easy to handle. It can, according to experience reports, alleviate the ubiquitous high-frequency electromagnetic pollution by soothing and making it bearable for the body.


The Geonado harmonization hologram for Smartphone & WLAN is available at 59.- EUR / piece *. *ex works

Experiences with the Hologram

Markus Prock

Markus Prock
Sport Director at ÖRV and Manager

Even as a professional athlete it was always clear to me that health it our highest good. Unfortunately, as a manager and sports director I have to make a lot of calls with my mobile phone and I can’t avoid this situation. Since I mounted the Harmonization Hologram on my phone I don’t feel so drained during long phone calls anymore. This alone is a huge progress for me and that’s why I will not give up on the Geonado products.

Andrea Geisler

Andrea Geisler
Housewife and mother

As a mother it is very important for me to ensure the best possible protection for my family. One of my biggest concerns is the whole new modern radiation exposure that threatens all of us. In my opinion, the Geonado Energy Wave was the best way to protect and secure our house and even while being on the phone the Harmonization Hologram from Geonado protects us and offers us the best quality of life.

Kevin Wildauer

Kevin Wildauer
Forwarding agent

Whether at work or privately-the mobile phone has become a constant companion of our era. What makes me thoughtful is the problem that I am permanently exposed to radiations such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is a big concern for me. I discovered Geonado on the internet and I ordered the Harmonization Hologram. Since then, I have the feeling that the radiation exposure became tolerable and I can deal better with stress and by doing this I can handle everything better.

Sophia Ritzer

Sophia Ritzer
Office worker

Me and my friends call and surf the internet for hours. Of course it is clear for me that this is not good for the health and i don’t want to restrict myself. I want to continue calling and surfing with my friends and therefore my mother got me the Harmonization Hologram and since then my phone is not that hot anymore while talking on the phone for hours. This is something positive and I am happy that I mounted the Hologram on my phone.

Barbara Ackermann-Kreitmair

Barbara Ackermann-Kreitmair
Practice for naturopathy

The Hologram mounted on my phone noticeably reduces the measurable warming and irritation for example the feeling of pressure, lack of concentration and dizziness even during long phone calls. As a therapist I am really interested about the radiation situation and the effects of the increasing electro smog in the car. In my opinion the use of the Harmonization Hologram has a positive impact and can relieve the stress.

Claudia D. / Deutschland

Claudia D. / Deutschland

Habe das Hologramm aufgeklebt und bereits nach 10 Minuten erstaunliche Ergebnisse festgestellt. Die Belastung auf mich hat sich von ursprünglich 85% auf 20% reduziert. Das heißt, die Millivolts im Körper haben sich massiv abgeschwächt. Ich werde wahrscheinlich noch weitere Hologramme bestellen...

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The Geonado harmonization hologram for Smartphone & WLAN is available at 39.- EUR / piece *. *ex works


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