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The patented
energy chip directly stimulates the kidney meridian and can help strengthen your body‘s own energy
Geonado Energie Sohle mit Energiechip

Your mobile power source for an energetic and healthy life

We are continuously exposed to permanent geopathic disturbances, electro-smog and stress, which can permanently lead to health problems (scientifically proven). The energy-absorbing liner can protect you from these stresses from the environment and acts as an "energy multiplier." You can perceptibly go through life with additional energy.


Ausdauer im Sport
Leistung im Beruf
Kraft schöpfen
Konzentration im Alltag

For your vitality

Stabilises and promotes health
Improves Energy and endurance
Elevates the concentration
Provides for faster regeneration
*Lt. Studies / measurements and countless experience reports

This is how the Geonado sole works

So funktioniert die Energie-Sohle

The sole causes a clear energy increase in the measured subjects and stabilizes the power reserves while simultaneously reducing the stress level (according to various measurements).
Thus, performance, concentration and regeneration are improved. High energy levels and high balance of the energy field are also beneficial for possible recovery processes.

 anatomisch geformten Einlegesohle mit Energiechip
The energy chip has been integrated into the fabric of the anatomically shaped insole. Fine leather surrounds the breathable cork core and ensures optimal hygiene and maximum walking comfort. The patented energy chip is integrated directly into the kidney meridian and can thus strengthen your body's energy according to measurements and countless experience reports.

Energy chip

Geonado Energie Sohle
Geonado Energie-Chip

Additional power through the energy chip!
The patented energy chip is a further development of the informed fiole on which all scientific evidence is based. The latest biophysical findings combined with state-of-the-art technology ensure a unique and lasting effect.


The Geonado energy soles, including the patented energy chips already processed in the sole, are available at 99.00 EUR / pair *. *ex works
Available in sizes 35 - 46


What causes the kidney meridian in our body?

The kidneys are the roots of life and control the instincts of survival, self-preservation and reproduction.The Kidney Meridian is responsible for our liveliness and vitality, and we keep that in mind and we handle this resource with care. When the energy is exhausted, life ends.
During stress and strong mental tension the renal energy reacts with resistance. With the aid of the bladder, the kidney controls the cleansing of the water balance, the energizing nerves, the function of the hormones and the nervous system as well as the readiness and power to act.

Begins on the sole of the foot between the big and small toes, pulls sideways over the inner edge of the foot back to the ankle and runs along the shoulders to the inside of the lower leg to the knee. It passes through the bladder meridian and runs over the posterior thigh to the groin. There, it runs parallel to the middle line of the body into the conceptual vessel. From the stomach it goes over the chest and ends in the clavicle

Therefore the Geonado energy chip can positively influence the energy flow of humans by the positioning at the kidney meridian and provide for higher performance and faster regeneration! Proved through countless experience reports and measurements.

Experiences with the energy sole

David Gleirscher

David Gleirscher
Olympic Winner 2018

Since I'm using the Geonado Power Sole I've really more power, faster response time and my regeneration is much better after the training or competition. I trust 100% to the huge experience of Geonado concerning frequencies-technologies and I'm appreciate that I can use that awesome technology.

Petra Nickel

Petra Nickel

The energy soles are ideal and really special. I walked with them on the first day - very good, no tiredness in the legs. My son's conclusion when he left work on Monday (8h standing / running): My feet feel light, and energetically "charged", super soles. Thanks for this good product.

Theresa Schäfer

Theresa Schäfer

„Die Energiesohlen von GEONADO sind wirklich super! Ich habe seit geraumer Zeit Probleme mit meinen Achillessehnen, wenn ich länger marschiere. Weder die Schulmedizin noch die ganzheitliche Medizin konnte mir weiterhelfen. Dann bin ich auf GEONADO gestoßen. Mit den Energiesohlen läuft es sich wunderbar leichtfüßig und ich bin freudig erstaunt darüber, dass mir nichts wehtut.“

Andreas Linger

Andreas Linger

As top athletes, I always had a top performance. The Geonado energy sole helped me with the daily training in strength and condition set-up as well as in the competition, where reaction and concentration sometimes decide the victory. The effect of this energetic support is simply sensational.

Dr. med. Rüdiger Dahlke

Dr. med. Rüdiger Dahlke

I am on Geonado, in the most literal sense, because I wear this energy sole whenever I am not barefoot. In addition, I am well protected by Geonado, because in every house in my TamanGa health resort from the start hangs the Geonado wave.

Kathrin Fuchs

Kathrin Fuchs

From a professional point of view, I was very interested in how the Geonado energy soles affect physical performance. I tested the soles during longer mountain and bike tours and could notice a significantly longer endurance as well as performance. So I can advise my clients for their own positive experience to wear the soles and be surprised by their effect!

Thomas Popp

Thomas Popp

In my sport a high endurance and fast regeneration is enormously important. With the Geonado energy insert, I can not feel a burning sensation or fatigue on my feet even after a long period of wearing them. Also my ability to concentrate is demonstrably higher than when I ride without energy deposits.

Christine Wolf

Christine Wolf
Professional golf player

Since wearing the Geonado energy soles I have the feeling that I am much more present in my life. I also have the feeling that at the end of a tournament week and I don’t feel “limp” anymore and thus fully up to 72 years old!

Christine S. / Österreich

Chrtine S. / Austria

When we installed the Geonado wave with us, I bought an energy sole for my mother. Since then she has been more powerful in everyday life and can concentrate much better in many situations ….

Senatsrat A. / Österreich

Senarat A. / Austria

My experiences with the Geonado energy soles are outstanding. Before I could walk in Burgenland only about 100-400 meters without trouble, I am now walking 10 km - and even very fast!

Franziska S. / Schweiz

Franzka S. / Switzerland

Besides the wave I also have the Geonado energy soles. In doing so, I establish a very clear, energetic effect. It is a noticeable difference, whether I walk with or without the insole in the shoes. I have more momentum and strength when walking with the soles. This was a good investment and I will recommend the soles.

Marika M. / Deutschland

Marika M. / Germany

Thank you very much for the quick delivery. I'm totally excited from your products! The effect is awesome :-). What a present for the humanity...

Yves A.  / Schweiz

Yves A. / Schweiz

At the beginning the feeling was good although I had to get used to it first. After that, I felt some positive changes in the body. Now, I do not want to miss the Energie-Soles anymore! Because it makes me more focused, more efficient and I simply have more energy at work. I am a Deputy Hotel Director and a lot in the hotel.

Angelika F. / Deutschland

Angelika F. / Germany

Dear Geonado-Team,
The Energy-Soles arrived and at the first walk I regonized already an increase of well-being. I am excited and very happy with that product. Thank you...

Interest & questions about
the soles

The Geonado energy soles, including the patented energy chips already processed in the sole, are available in sizes 35 – 46.


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