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A mobile amplifier for your body's energy

The Geonado Energy Pillow can assist you if you want to use e.g. office, in the car / train / plane (travelers) or if you have to concentrate for a long time (students- office workers).

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Your mobile power source

Increases the
*Lt. Studies / measurements and countless experience reports

This is how the Geonado pillow works

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What causes the root chakra in our body?
The root chakra is the first essential main chakra of the body and is located in the area of ​​the coccyx. It forms an important basis for the development of the entire chakra system and ensures above all vitality, survival, safety, physicality in life and grounding. The root chakra is the connection with the physical body, the physical world, the energies of the earth and generally determines our relationship to the material plane of life. The main theme of the root chakra is safety and stability, and precisely because it is the first and lowest chakra, it is of tremendous importance. The root chakra is the foundation and basis for our existence and our evolution as soul in a body.

Energy Pillow

Geonado Energie Kissen
Geonado Energie-Chip

High quality in processed leather and easy to handle.
The Geonado Energy Pillow stimulates the vital chakra for the vitality and can therefore provide for your personal protection at home, at work or on the road (according to measurements and experience reports).


The Geonado Energy Pillow for more endurance and concentration is already available at 105.- EUR / piece *. *ex works

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The Geonado Energy Pillow for more endurance and concentration is already available at 105.- EUR / piece *. *ex works


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