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ENERGY-BOOKS Noise fields and power stations


Noise fields and power stations

How to eliminate one and use the others!

The disturbance of our harmonious bio-field, especially through today's technology (smartphone, WLAN, electro-smog, etc.), leads in many places to the physical processes and thus our well-being. But also stress, anger, emotions, fears and worries are expressed in the biomagnetic field, which can have a negative influence on the sensitive magnetic field of the body.

Noise fields and power stations

A much too little noticed phenomenon of our time! A decisive contribution to the dissolution of harmful energy fields and the use of power stations. Ruediger Dahlke has presented the most important laws of life in his great basics. On the basis of his collaboration with the Radiästhesisten Adolf Wiebecke, he now analyzes in detail the way in which the resonance law is used in dealing with disturbance fields and power stations.
It is a strange phenomenon that some people always visit certain disturbed zones. It almost seems as if there is a mysterious attraction. In many cases, this process leads to the development of certain diseases.

Dr. Dahlke shows the causal spiritual principles and describes the technical means developed by researchers such as Adolf Wiebecke in order to eliminate external disturbances and to use the positive energy of power stations. From these observations an impressive documentation of the law "as inside as outside - as outside so inside" derives.

This book is not only a significant contribution to the understanding of life laws, but it is also a practical guide to finding and eliminating disturbance fields in your own living environment, as well as using the energies of a power station!

This interesting book is available at Geonado as a pocket book for 12,95 EUR / piece *. *ex works

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This interesting book is available at Geonado as a pocket book for 12,95 EUR / piece *. *ex works


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