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Your personal power source for home and when your on the road

The disturbances of our harmonious biofields, especially by today's technology (smartphone, WLAN, electro-mog, etc.), can lead to physical processes and the associated well-being being severely impaired in many places. But also stress, anger, emotions, fears and worries are expressed in the biomagnetic field, which can adversely affect the sensitive magnetic field of the body.

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This is how the Chakra Energy Band works

So wirkt das Chakren-Energie-Band

With the chakra energy band the energy status in the area around the band can be increased. This is made possible by the 5 energy chips of Geonado, which are informed by energy sources. These energy chips are the result of the latest biophysical practice tests - implemented with state-of-the-art technology!
This "mobile power station" can improve your wellbeing according to measurements and experience reports. The big advantage: you can take it with you everywhere.

Energie Chip
Energie Chip

The Chakra points

In the Chakra energy band there are five patented Geonado energy chips. Each one of them has been informed about the chakra assigned to him. The selection of information is based on decades of research and thousands of measurements.

There are 7 chakras according to the Tantric Hinduism and in yoga. They are the junctions along the spine that connect the various energy flows in the meridians within the body. The top two chakras (apex and forehead chakras) do not find any precipitation in our reflections, because they are primarily associated with sense, reason, and consciousness functions.

Fifth Chakra:
Neck chakra (organ thyroid) - stands for expressiveness, inspiration and inner voice.

Fourth Chakra:
Heart chakra (organ thymus gland) - stands for cordiality, cheerfulness and loving ability.

Third Chakra:
Solar plexus chakra (organ pancreas) - stands for inner peace, relaxation, courage, harmony.

Second Chakra:
Sacral chakra (organs, ovaries, testicles) - stands for sensuality and joy of life.

First Chakra:
Root chakra (organ adrenal, for blood circulation and body temperature) - stands for inner strength, satisfaction, harmony with nature.

Chakra Energy Band


High quality in processed leather and easy to handle. Your band can be used not only at home, but also on holiday or on business trips. Wherever you are - with the Geonado Energy band, you are perfectly accompanied when on the road. Place the tape under your mattress on the slatted floor. The blue encapsulated energy chip should lie on the neck and the red border at the level of your base.


The Geonado energy band for your wellbeing sleep is already available at 198.- EUR / piece *. *ex works

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The Geonado energy band for your wellbeing sleep is already available at 198.- EUR / piece *. *ex works


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