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More energy.
Live better.

More energy and healthier lives

People, animals and plants are exposed to permanent geopathic disturbances, electrosmog, stress and many other stresses, which can lead to health problems in the long term (scientifically proven). It is irrelevant whether these influences are sensed or not, they can damage the organism. The consequences of this permanent load are, among other things, sleep problems, energy and lack of drive, concentration and weakness to various diseases.

Geonado can harmonize and compensate these disturbance zones for the organism on a sustained basis. *

This ensures your well-being in all living and working areas.

Get your personal power source!

*Lt. Studies / measurements and countless experience reports

Protects you from harmful interferences

Provides for restful sleep and faster regeneration
Elevates the concentration
Stabilises and promotes health
Supports stress and restlessness
improves Energy and endurance
provides for faster regeneration
Relieves discomfort burnout and depression
Helps with overload of electrosmog and cell phone radiation
promotes your well-being
faster recovery
  Calms animals (e. g., cows, horses, dogs ...) increases their performance
*Lt. Studies / measurements and countless experience reports

Vibrations are the
Basis of our life

Every organism (people, animals, plants) vibrates.
If the organism is affected by negative vibrations,
the immune system is weakened and malfunctions can occur.

The solution
Through decades of experience and an elaborated process,
the products of Geonado works with and for the organisms positive frequency "permanently" to recharge.
This enables to absorb the healthy oscillation and the faulty zones are more compatible.


Our products

All Geonado products are based on long-term experience from nature and life. Paired with meticulous research, latest biophysical findings, modern technology and confirmed by recognised and experienced scientists and physicians.
(detaillierte Informationen finden Sie unter Wissen/Erfahrungsberichte)


More quality of life without disturbing influences!
The ideal protection in all sleeping,
living and working areas.
- Versatile
- easy to assemble
- highly effect!


The patented Power chip reinforced sustains the effect!


Increased performance on the road!
Sie vor energetischen Belastungen in der
Umwelt und wirkt wie ein „Energie-Multiplikator“.
Gehen Sie mit zusätzlicher Energie durchs Leben.


The patented Energy chip is directly at the kidney- Meridian incorporated- and thus strengthens Your body Energy.


Your protection against local interference fields .
For a more compatible use of smartphone,
tablet, notebook, WLAN,
Bluetooth devices, babyphone, ect.

To the Hologram


Studies and evidence
Quantum physics has been proven for a long time:
Everything is composed of vibration.
If this vibration is disturbed, we are not doing well. These interfering fields must be balanced. We do this with our products. Recognised by scientists and proven many times.



From research:

Scientifically proven several times!

Measurement of energy consumption in humans in disturbance zones

Source: Dipl. Ing. Lutz Rabe

The energy field is severely disrupted and has a large energy deficit.
The person is mentally and physically unbalanced and can regenerate badly in this state. This greatly reduces performance.

without Geonado wave

with Geonado wave

Energy field of a man in perfect condition with the Geonado energy wave.
The energy field is closed and the person is mentally and physically balanced, can regenerate itself optimally and protect itself from disturbing influences.

With the Geonado wave it can be a significant increase in

the energy level and in the balance.


Strengthen yourself.

Enable your life energy. Protect yourself from interferences

Geopathogene Störzonen

Geopathic interference zones
(In the earth) water veins and faults, which cause harmful earth rays and disturbance zones.


Geopathic interference zones

Globale Gitternetze

Global grid networks
(In the atmosphere) This is understood as Hartmann- / Curry and Benkergitter, which can have a damaging effect at their intersection points.


Global grid networks


Indicates an electromagnetic radiation exposure that can permanently affect the organism.




Phone / wireless radiation
Are high-frequency electromagnetic waves that can permanently damage your health.


Phone / wireless radiation

Eine Messung unter starker E-SMOG Belastung ergab, dass der Chip von der ENERGIE-WELLE die Vitalität der gemessenen Zellen signifikant verbessert und die Strahlung teilweise kompensiert.


Zellbiologische Messungen ergaben, dass der Geonado Energie-Chip wie ein Energie-Booster auf zellulärer Ebene wirkt, die Regenerationszeit verkürzt und die Zellvitalität verbessert.


Biomedical detection of effects of geopathic disturbance zones on the human organism and evidence of the possibility of harmonisation with the energy wave.


Experiences with Geonado

Dr. med. Rüdiger Dahlke

Dr. med. Rüdiger Dahlke

In the TamanGa health resort we have a Geonado wave installed in every house and I have so far over many years had very good experiences with it and would not want to miss it and I recommend the wave.

David Gleirscher

David Gleirscher
Olympic Winner 2018

Since I'm using the Geonado Power Sole I've really more power, faster response time and my regeneration is much better after the training or competition. I trust 100% to the huge experience of Geonado concerning frequencies-technologies and I'm appreciate that I can use that awesome technology.

Erna Hager-Klein

Erna Hager-Klein

My sleep quality was severely impaired for years. That's why I decided to take sleeping medications. By chance I heard about Geonado and, contrary to my initial skepticism, decided to buy a wave. This helped me not only to a wonderful new sleeping experience (without medication), but also brought back more energy into my life. I am positive!

Manuel Nagiller

Manuel Nagiller

We care about the well-being of our employees and customers. Of course we are aware that electromagnetic radiation also has an effect on well-being and productivity. Therefore, we decided to install the Geonado energy wave in our company to harmonize negative influences.

Familie Ackermanns

Family Ackermanns

For many years, a geonado energy wave has been hanging in the stable. Especially in the winter our open stable is occupied by more than a hundred animals. Since the use of the Geonado wave, it is pleasant to see how calm and harmonious the animals are in the entire stable. And this also during the difficult transition phase in autumn, when the animals change from the pasture to the stable. This means healthier animals, less stress for animals and people and, of course, better quality. We can only recommend the Geonado Energy Wave to every farmer.

Klaus Wallenböck

Klaus Wallenböck
Geschäftsführer S&W ELOXAL Oberflächentechnik GmbH

Andreas Goldberger

Andreas Goldberger
Ski jumper expert and moderator

In my opinion the disturbance zones such as water veins and the increasing rate of electro smog, as for example the cell phone, have an influence on the quality of our lives. In order to protect myself and my family from these charges I’ve decided to order the Geonado energy wave. It not only protects us against disturbance zones but it has also become a visual eye-catcher in our house.

Christoph Eugen

Christoph Eugen
Cheftrainer des österreichischen Nationalteams der nordischen Kombinierer

Bei Großereignissen wie zum Beispiel einer WM stehen unsere Athleten sehr unter Druck und im Stress. Damit sie trotzdem Leistungen auf höchsten Niveau abliefern können, ist ein guter Schlaf zur Erholung ein wichtiger Faktor. Ich danke der Firma Geonado, dass sie mit ihrer Energie-Welle unser Hotel während der WM in Seefeld vor schädlichen Umweltbelastungen harmonisiert haben. Meiner Meinung nach haben sich die Sportler dadurch perfekt regenerieren und auf die Wettkämpfe vorbereiten können. Die vielen gewonnenen Medaillen sprechen für sich...

DI arch. Barbara Jung

DI arch. Barbara Young

It is scientifically proven that there are places that can affect people and sometimes irritate them. Years of experience have shown to me - especially in small animals - that the Geonado wave can bring humans and animals back into balance in the long term on such irritating zones.

Christoph Vögele

Christoph Vögele

Over a period of about 2 years I had to fight with ever-increasing nape and back pain. Also countless massages and osteopathic treatments provided a very amusing improvement - after a few days the pain came back again and again.

Then I met Tobias from Geonado and he offered to install one of these so-called energy waves in our home. If after 2 weeks nothing changes, the wave would simply be dismantled and nothing more said. After initial skepticism, I thought, why not?

Meanwhile, the wave hangs for several months. After the first 3 hours, I noticed that I could suddenly turn my head back without blockade in all directions. The pain had completely disappeared the day after, and since then I am not suffering. There is nothing more for me to say.

Johann Stabauer

Johann Stabauer

Gesunde Kühe bringen nachhaltig mehr Erträge. Was die Wissenschaft oder andere Leute über die Einflüsse von Störzonen halten ist mir egal, für mich als Landwirt zählen die persönlichen Erfahrungen und Resultate, und diese sind mit der Energie-Welle eindeutig besser als ohne. Deshalb kann ich diese nur jedem meiner Kollegen weiterempfehlen.

Altina Klein

Altina Klein

Die Energie-Welle hat mich gerettet! Als ich in meine neue Wohnung gezogen bin, wurde ich jeden Tag energieärmer, unruhiger und mutloser. Daraufhin habe ich mir die Energie-Welle zugelegt und inzwischen Schlafe ich wieder richtig gut und bin erholt. Bin sehr dankbar, dass Sie so ein gutes Produkt haben. Ich habe viele andere Dinge probiert, aber nichts hat mir so gut geholfen als die Energie-Welle.

Wolfgang Kindl

Wolfgang Kindl

As a performance sportsman, it is important for me to give the maximum in all areas. Through this technology from Geonado I protect myself from external disturbance zones, the regeneration phase is considerably shortened and I feel even more powerful and concentrated.

Roland Baumann

Roland Baumann
Owner of several Gyms (ACT-Fitness)

As a former athlete and longtime operator of several gyms, I believe that health is the foundation of any success. I think everyone is clear on the fact that the increasingly strong harmful radiation such as electro-smog is not good for the body. That's why I opted for the harmonisation of these zones privately as well as in my studio through a Geonado energy wave. At home, I can sleep much better with the energy wave, and in the studio, I feel that my team is more efficient and focused. Also, the visitors in my studio feel better in the environment harmonised by the wave. I absolutely convinced of this energy wave and I can highly recommend it.

Joachim Knispel

Joachim Knispel

Beim Aufhängen der Energie-Welle war ich überrascht, wie bald spürbar eine Wirkung eintrat. Ich hatte damit gar nicht gerechnet und ohne weiter darüber nachzudenken, meine anderweitigen Verrichtungen vorgenommen. Schon nach wenigen Minuten veränderte sich die Atmosphäre in der Wohnung, etwas wie eine feine, ruhige Entspanntheit breitete sich aus. Meine Frau schlief in der vergangenen Nacht durch und tiefer als gewohnt.
Nun sind wir natürlich sehr glücklich, diese Wahl getroffen zu haben.

Christine K. / Österreich

Christine K. / Austria

We're farmer and owner of an energy-wave since many years. As we renovated our house, we placed the energy-wave at the cowhouse. Since that time our cows get only born twins or 3 cows - its amazing! Looks like our cows feel very well with the energy-wave...

Christina B.

Christina B.

Liebes Geonado-Team, euer Kissen ist nun seit einigen Wochen mein treuer Begleiter im Büroalltag und ich möchte euch sagen, dass ich schlichtweg begeistert bin. Meine Konzentration und Leistungsfähigkeit haben sich seither enorm verbessert. Davor kreisten meine Gedanken ständig umher und ich konnte mich nicht auf meine Arbeit einlassen. Je mehr ich mich selber zur Konzentration zwang, umso weniger brachte ich was zustande. Seitdem ich nun das Kissen habe, verspüre ich einen Aufschwung und ich möchte behaupten, dass sich dadurch mein Arbeitspensum und meine Produktivität um einiges gesteigert haben. Ich danke euch von Herzen für dieses Produkt! Weiter so!! Liebe Grüße Christina B.

Erik H.

Erik H.

Honestly, I wasn´t convinced that the energy wave works and can improve my sleep, but already in the night I installed it I slept much deeper and longer during the night. And after a short period of time I felt the effect during the day, because I feel more resilient and not so tired anymore. I can only recommend the wave. And my mother, who lives in the same house is also very excited about the effects of the wave and has similiar results. The wave is not cheap, but this investment is worth a good sleep for me and my mother!

Petra Nickel

Petra Nickel

The energy soles are ideal and really special. I walked with them on the first day - very good, no tiredness in the legs. My son's conclusion when he left work on Monday (8h standing / running): My feet feel light, and energetically "charged", super soles. Thanks for this good product.

Theresa Schäfer

Theresa Schäfer

„Die Energiesohlen von GEONADO sind wirklich super! Ich habe seit geraumer Zeit Probleme mit meinen Achillessehnen, wenn ich länger marschiere. Weder die Schulmedizin noch die ganzheitliche Medizin konnte mir weiterhelfen. Dann bin ich auf GEONADO gestoßen. Mit den Energiesohlen läuft es sich wunderbar leichtfüßig und ich bin freudig erstaunt darüber, dass mir nichts wehtut.“

Andreas Linger

Andreas Linger

As top athletes, I always had a top performance. The Geonado energy sole helped me with the daily training in strength and condition set-up as well as in the competition, where reaction and concentration sometimes decide the victory. The effect of this energetic support is simply sensational.

Dr. med. Rüdiger Dahlke

Dr. med. Rüdiger Dahlke

I am on Geonado, in the most literal sense, because I wear this energy sole whenever I am not barefoot. In addition, I am well protected by Geonado, because in every house in my TamanGa health resort from the start hangs the Geonado wave.

Thomas Paul

Thomas Paul

Since we especially have a water line in our waiting area, I am very glad that we could cover the negative effects with the Geonado energy wave. The room climate has just become good. I also often stand directly under the wave and enjoy it. The well-being in our practice has increased significantly ...

Kathrin Fuchs

Kathrin Fuchs

From a professional point of view, I was very interested in how the Geonado energy soles affect physical performance. I tested the soles during longer mountain and bike tours and could notice a significantly longer endurance as well as performance. So I can advise my clients for their own positive experience to wear the soles and be surprised by their effect!

Klaus S. / Österreich

Klaus S. / Austria

“The Geonado wave has been hanging in my apartment for years. The effect is so beneficial that I do not want to miss out on it in the pharmacy “

Dieter K. / Deutschland

Dieter K. / Deutschland

Ich möchte ein kurzes Feedback über meine Anschaffung der Energiewellen, die inzwischen in 2 Häusern und 1 Wohnung installiert wurden, abgeben. Wir konnten feststellen, dass tatsächlich die schädlichen Störzonen neutralisiert wurden. Und wir sind auch der Meinung, dass sich die Geonado Energie-Wellen gesundheitlich bei uns ausgewirkt haben.

Besonders hervorzuheben sind die Energiesohlen, die nachgewiesen zu einer erhöhten Leistungsfähigkeit (Konzentration und Sport), besonders bei meinen Kindern, geführt haben. Daraufhin habe ich mir gleich ein weiteres Paar Energiesohlen bestellt. Ich danke Geonado für sehr dafür...

Thomas Popp

Thomas Popp

In my sport a high endurance and fast regeneration is enormously important. With the Geonado energy insert, I can not feel a burning sensation or fatigue on my feet even after a long period of wearing them. Also my ability to concentrate is demonstrably higher than when I ride without energy deposits.

Christine Wolf

Christine Wolf
Professional golf player

Since wearing the Geonado energy soles I have the feeling that I am much more present in my life. I also have the feeling that at the end of a tournament week and I don’t feel “limp” anymore and thus fully up to 72 years old!

Andrea B. /  Deustchland

Andrea B. / Deutschland

The low-frequency sounds that I'm exposed to at night and also during the day obviously have not changed. However, what has changed is that I feel way better in the morning as I recoveredmuch more and I don´t wake up that often anymore. Quite amazing is that my little dog, who hasn´t got as clue about the energy wave, always lies exactly where the waves energy is the strongest. So it definitely does him good.

Markus Prock

Markus Prock
Sport Director at ÖRV and Manager

Even as a professional athlete it was always clear to me that health it our highest good. Unfortunately, as a manager and sports director I have to make a lot of calls with my mobile phone and I can’t avoid this situation. Since I mounted the Harmonization Hologram on my phone I don’t feel so drained during long phone calls anymore. This alone is a huge progress for me and that’s why I will not give up on the Geonado products.

Andrea Geisler

Andrea Geisler
Housewife and mother

As a mother it is very important for me to ensure the best possible protection for my family. One of my biggest concerns is the whole new modern radiation exposure that threatens all of us. In my opinion, the Geonado Energy Wave was the best way to protect and secure our house and even while being on the phone the Harmonization Hologram from Geonado protects us and offers us the best quality of life.

Kevin Wildauer

Kevin Wildauer
Forwarding agent

Whether at work or privately-the mobile phone has become a constant companion of our era. What makes me thoughtful is the problem that I am permanently exposed to radiations such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is a big concern for me. I discovered Geonado on the internet and I ordered the Harmonization Hologram. Since then, I have the feeling that the radiation exposure became tolerable and I can deal better with stress and by doing this I can handle everything better.

Sophia Ritzer

Sophia Ritzer
Office worker

Me and my friends call and surf the internet for hours. Of course it is clear for me that this is not good for the health and i don’t want to restrict myself. I want to continue calling and surfing with my friends and therefore my mother got me the Harmonization Hologram and since then my phone is not that hot anymore while talking on the phone for hours. This is something positive and I am happy that I mounted the Hologram on my phone.

Barbara Ackermann-Kreitmair

Barbara Ackermann-Kreitmair
Practice for naturopathy

The Hologram mounted on my phone noticeably reduces the measurable warming and irritation for example the feeling of pressure, lack of concentration and dizziness even during long phone calls. As a therapist I am really interested about the radiation situation and the effects of the increasing electro smog in the car. In my opinion the use of the Harmonization Hologram has a positive impact and can relieve the stress.

Christine S. / Österreich

Chrtine S. / Austria

When we installed the Geonado wave with us, I bought an energy sole for my mother. Since then she has been more powerful in everyday life and can concentrate much better in many situations ….

Senatsrat A. / Österreich

Senarat A. / Austria

My experiences with the Geonado energy soles are outstanding. Before I could walk in Burgenland only about 100-400 meters without trouble, I am now walking 10 km - and even very fast!

Franziska S. / Schweiz

Franzka S. / Switzerland

Besides the wave I also have the Geonado energy soles. In doing so, I establish a very clear, energetic effect. It is a noticeable difference, whether I walk with or without the insole in the shoes. I have more momentum and strength when walking with the soles. This was a good investment and I will recommend the soles.

Andreas H. / Österreich

AndreaH. / Austria

I have an absolute favorite place in my house. My couch. Somehow I got knee problems and no doctor could determine, what it was. In a frequency measurement, it was then found that right through my couch at the level of my knee is a water vein. When we mounted the Geonado shaft, the knee problems had disappeared miraculously from the very next day. I have been painless for 4 months now.

Familie M. / Österreich

Family M. / Austria

Our son is 6 years old and was a sleepwalker, so we had to lock everything over night so that nothing could happen. In a measurement, we found that a water vein runs across the bed of our son. Since the Geonado wave has been installed, this nightmare has come to an end. At last we can sleep peacefully again and no longer have to worry about our son ....

Herr und Frau F. / Österreich

Mr and Mrs F. / Austria

Due to our marriage bed, unfortunately, a Water vein has been directing our heads for many years. My wife therefore always has a headache when she gets up and is always quite veined. I unfortunately have a tumor in my head. Since we have the Geonado wave, my wife is doing very well. She has no more headaches and is much better when she gets up.

Maria R. / Österreich

Maria R. / Austria

After far more than ten years of bad sleep and daily waking up with massive, grueling joint pain I find after the installation of the Geonado energy wave with the energy chip, I finally not only have a good restful sleep, I can - depending on the professional daily stress - usually completely stand up without pain ! Also, to relax after exertion at work or after cycling I can regenerate much faster with the Geonado wave - My life now feels much better, Thank you!

Daniela H. / Österreich

Daniela H. Austrian

The positive effect of the Geonado Energy Wave was incredible! Since assembly, the children work more concentrated, have much more endurance and are generally much calmer and more pleasant ... ... I never want to work without the wave.

Markus E. / Österreich

Markus E. / Austria

Our son was unfortunately till the age of 13 still wetting his bed. We did everything possible to counter this, but it did not help. After a frequency measurement, we then had to find that a water vein went through the middle of the bed of our son. Then we hang up the wave and since then the bed wetting has stopped at once. Fabulous !!!

Heidi R. / Deutschland

Heidi R. / Germany

"... I can teach you quite briefly how good I am with the wave: Regardless of the fact that I wake up in the morning, no longer" dead ", I sleep now for the first time after many years all night through! I am totally excited and happy!

Johann G. / Österreich

Johann G. / Austria

With the Geonado Energy Wave, I was able to solve the serious problem of roaring troubled bulls and cows in my stable. Many elaborate expensive experiments have preceded before the use of the Geonado wave. Whether veterinarian, inspection of the food, ventilation or stall, or the recommendations of one or the other adviser away from school medicine or arquitech, everything in the barn seemed to be in the normal range and all measures remained ineffective. Until one day we mounted the wave in the shaft. Then the situation changed suddenly for the better ....... if I had not experienced it myself, I would find it hard to believe!

Franziska S. / Schweiz

Franziska S. /Switzerland

We hung up the energy wave in our studio where I sleep. Since then, I have been dreaming more intensively, and sometimes even awakening on myself in the morning and much more better- which is very pleasing. When my energy level decreases during the work, I lie down on the bed to rest. Feel a better (refreshing, clarifying) peace of mind or a faster recovery!

Erik H. / Österreich

Erik H. / Austria

To be honest I was very skeptical at first, if this wave can work. But since I had sleeping problems, I did not want to leave it untried, and I tested the effect of the Geonado wave. From the first night it has improved a lot. I sleep deeper and especially throughout the whole night! That is why I am more resilient during the day and not as sluggish as before. My mother, who lives in the same house, has been much better since then (especially psychic - she has more joy of life again). I can only say "the energy wave was not high in my list", but this increase in the quality of life is worth every euro “!

Beat S. / Schweiz

Beat S. / Switzerland

I have mounted the Geonado energy wave and on that same day I immediately felt the positive effects - sleep really better than usual! Enjoy the morning with much better wellbeing. I am very impressed. Thank you and Hr. Wiebecke for the improved quality of life that can be achieved with the Geonado wave. And thank you especially for the friendly and nice way of attending!

Markus F. / Österreich

Markus F. / Austria

Unfortunately, we have two mobile phone masts and a sub-station in sight. For years I suffer from massive sleep problems. Often I changed my sleeping at night, but nothing helped. Since the Geonado wave, nothing has been felt. I sleep throughout the night and I am fitter and more powerful during the day, which not only my family benefits but also my company does as well!

Christine S. / Österreich

Christine S. / Austria

My daughter always had a very restless sleep and woke up regularly at night. Unfortunately, this also had a negative impact on school performance. Since we have the Geonado wave in our house, she has changed. She sleeps in the night (I barely get out of bed in the morning) and in school she is much more concentrated and successful.

Karin H. / Deutschland

Karin H. / Germany

I am very enthusiastic about the competence and friendliness of the Geonado staff. And especially with the patience of the two bosses, until we had made our decision ;-).

We are fully convinced that the wave helps us - my sleep is still somewhat different - my husband is much better. My cardiac arhythmias has now become much rarer, and overall we feel more comfortable in our own walls. These are the beautiful moments in life!

Hubert K. / Österreich

Hubert K. / Austria

Problems with sleeping:
Many years I went up at 4 in the morning and could no more sleep. I really tried everything but nothing could help me - I was really desperate. But in the first night with the energy-wave I could sleep until 7:30 - unbelievable! My quality of life is much better since then...

Sabine K. / Österreich

Sabine K. / Austria

Problems with sleeping:
I always had problems with sleeping in my house. Although I switched the room my quality of sleep was still very bad. Then I got the energy-wave recommended and from that moment I can sleep very well and feel much better.

Due to that fact I bought the energy-soles because I have to stand in my job for many hours a day. Specially on the afternoon I always felt very powerless. But with my energy-soles the problem is solved - I feel much more powerful...

Claudia D. / Deutschland

Claudia D. / Deutschland

Habe das Hologramm aufgeklebt und bereits nach 10 Minuten erstaunliche Ergebnisse festgestellt. Die Belastung auf mich hat sich von ursprünglich 85% auf 20% reduziert. Das heißt, die Millivolts im Körper haben sich massiv abgeschwächt. Ich werde wahrscheinlich noch weitere Hologramme bestellen...

Marika M. / Deutschland

Marika M. / Germany

Thank you very much for the quick delivery. I'm totally excited from your products! The effect is awesome :-). What a present for the humanity...

Yves A.  / Schweiz

Yves A. / Schweiz

At the beginning the feeling was good although I had to get used to it first. After that, I felt some positive changes in the body. Now, I do not want to miss the Energie-Soles anymore! Because it makes me more focused, more efficient and I simply have more energy at work. I am a Deputy Hotel Director and a lot in the hotel.

Angelika F. / Deutschland

Angelika F. / Germany

Dear Geonado-Team,
The Energy-Soles arrived and at the first walk I regonized already an increase of well-being. I am excited and very happy with that product. Thank you...

Carolin A. / Österreich

Carolin A. / Austria

Carolin A. / Austria
Thank you once again for your unexpected and most pleasant meeting. My body has been so relaxed since the Monday that the energy wave was installed and I even eat less .... the frustration or the search for relaxation by food is suddenly gone …

Ulrike Z. / Deutschland

Wolfgang K. / Österreich

Wolgang K. / Austria

Problems with sleeping:
In the morning I felt always very tired and damaged. But after 2 weeks with the energy-wave there was a totally change. Since then I'm well-rested and have much more energy! Also our child is sleeping much better and more relaxed now...

David Gleischer

David Gleischer
olympic winner

For a long time I used the Geonado energy soles privately but especially in sports and am absolutely convinced of them. Especially in competitive sports regeneration is incredibly important and the soles have also accompanied me in my Olympic victory. Now I wanted to enjoy the same effect permanently in my private environment and also do something good for my family. For several weeks now, we have had an energy wave at home and have benefited from a measurably longer period of deep sleep and we simply feel very comfortable with it.

We at Geonado have a general purpose:

To increase the quality of life of humans and animals

and protect them from harmful interferences!

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